Editors of 2nd Edition

Peggy Holman

Peggy brings generative processes to organizations and communities, increasing their capacity for achieving what is important to them. Her work encourages people to take responsibility for what they love, resulting in stronger organizations, communities, and individuals. She believes in the promise of these processes to unleash the human spirit for individual and collective good. She has worked with a Swiss-based pharmaceutical company, a Colombian social service organization, the Israeli Ministry of Education, and U.S. journalists.  Visit her website.

Tom Devane

Tom is an internationally known consultant and speaker specializing in transformation.  He helps companies plan and implement transformations that utilize highly participative methods to achieve sustainable change.  His clients include Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, and the Republic of South Africa. Visit his website.

Steve Cady

Steve is a scholar practitioner committed to using cutting-edge approaches that inspire system-wide change in organizations, and he is actively pursuing research and practice that unleash passion at the individual and organizational levels.  Steven is a Graduate Faculty member at Bowling Green State University, where he is director of the Institute for Organizational Effectiveness and has served as the director of the Master of Organization Development Program. He has also served as the chief editor for the Organization Development Journal.  Steven publishes, teaches, and consults on topics of organizational behavior and psychology, change management, and organization development. His clients include Daimler Chrysler, Dana Corporation, Diocese of NW Ohio (Toledo), and The Tavistock Group.  Visit his website.