Action Review Cycle/AAR

Action Review Cycle/AAR

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To continually raise the bar on performance, build a culture of accountability, and sustain success in a changing environment.


  • Actionable knowledge against key performance measures
  • Confident yet humble leaders, empowered teams
  • Leadership, learning, and execution are integrated in the way work is done every day
  • An agile organization that embraces change

When to Use:

  • Where there are high stakes and/or complexity of interdependent actions and decision-making
  • As a practical way to build or sustain a learning culture
  • Built into existing operating cycles

When Not to Use:

  • As a one-time, backward-looking postmortem
  • With a team or who will not be expected to take action–focusing After Action Reviews (AARs) on creating reports or recommendations for others not present undermines the ability to use it as a living practice.

Number of Participants:

5–15 in a session (sessions can be cascaded to involve entire organization)

Types of Participants: